Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with the Miami Marlins 2012 10th round draft pick, Ron Miller. He originally attended Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles, but as a sophomore, he transferred to Serra High School. While he didn’t play baseball at school his senior year, he had a very impressive junior year. This interview was done through Twitter.

Alex- Congratulations on being drafted by the Miami Marlins in the 10th round. What were your initial reactions to the news?
Ron- Thanks! Well I was on the couch sittin at home, and I was watching it live on the computer, and when I heard my name, my heart dropped. Best feeling I ever had in my entire life.

Alex- Did the Marlins give you any kind of indication that they planned on drafting you?
Ron- No they didn’t, that’s why I was surprised, I was expecting some other teams.

Alex- For the people who don’t know, what type of player are you? What do you bring to the table?
Ron- I’m a humble player, I’m not a loud guy, I got some quiet fire, I like to help my team out, during the seasons, I bring power and RBI’s to the table. I’m a really focused player that’s always in the right state of mind. My biggest thing is to stay focused.

Alex- The Marlins have you listed as a 3B on their website. Other websites have you linked to 1B, or the OF. Do you have a preference?
Ron- Well I play all 3, but my favorite is 3rd, but I also like 1B and OF too.

Alex- Do you model your game after anyone?
Ron- Before I got drafted I modeled my game after Hanley Ramirez and Robinson Cano. With Hanley the batting stance, everything, and with Cano, just make everything look easy.

Alex- Interesting you mention Hanley, who is obviously the Marlins franchise player. What do you think of the opportunity to play with him someday?
Ron- I think that would be amazing to play with him one day, I know he could teach me a lot of things, our two bats in the lineup would be good!

Alex- Have the Marlins given you any indication of what level of ball you may be starting at?
Ron- Well im going to play my first year in the GCL, we start this monday.

Alex- Sounds great. Looking forward to watching you play this year! Once again, congratulations on being drafted and thank you for taking the time for an interview.
Ron- Thank you, I appreciate it!

The Marlins GCL teams season is already underway and Miller leads the team in doubles.